Bi-Annual Newsletter


4200 Champions Drive

Rogers, AR 72758

February 17, 2015


Dear Pinnacle Property Owners:


Welcome new and existing property owners to the annual Pinnacle Home Owners Association (HOA) letter.  The board wishes you a Blessed, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Enclosed with this letter is your 2015 annual property owner’s dues invoice.  Please make check payable PINNACLE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION.  If you have any questions about your statement, other administrative matters or to report property sales, please contact Debra Carson at (479) 418-7474 or email to:


The board welcomes the opportunity to share annual budget statement, covenants, architectural control committee (ACC) guidelines, and security information.  We are a fully volunteer board without any staff or office, so please access Pinnacle website by visiting  From the Pinnacle Country club home page you can navigate to POA Home Tab (top right) which has a direct link to our e-mail address,, for communication with the board.


As your board, we have spent years discussing how to better manage, protect, and improve the Pinnacle community.  We finally expect to have an amendment to our covenants established this year for a proxy vote.  The proposed amendment will provide the additional tools needed to effectively administer and enforce the covenants, maintain common areas, security enhancements and budget for needed maintenance of exterior walls, fences, gate areas; and not affect our reserves for road maintenance.   


In closing, the single most important safety issue continues to be vehicles exceeding the speed limit of 25 miles per hour in our neighborhood.  Please be conscious of your speed, we do not have sidewalks and many residents walk in our neighborhood.  Safety is all of our concern!  In addition, the number one complaint is dogs left unattended, doing what they do.  Please carry bags to clean up after your pets.


Best Regards,


Bob Newman, John Huskins, Martin Brooks, Scott Draper, Rick Dinsmore, Andy Hardie, Ray Canode