Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Club
    • What Programs does Pinnacle offer for Children?

      Pinnacle Country Club offers a variety of activities for children including, Junior Tennis, Junior Golf & Swimming programs at different times of the year. There are also a variety of Family Friendly Country Club events at the Clubhouse throughout the year which include; the Snowflake Ball, the Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Sunday Brunch, the Halloween Carnival and Santa Brunch.

      What is the cancellation policy at Pinnacle Country Club?

      Members are required to give a written 30 day notification of cancellation.

      Who is included in My Membership?

      All memberships listed include the primary Member, their spouse, and unmarried children 22 years old or younger.

      What is the Pinnacle Country Club dress code?


       Dress code policies apply to all adults, children and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and guests. Members should always inform their guests of dress code requirements before inviting them to the club. Dress codes cover all events at the club unless otherwise specified. Members will be informed of any deviation from the normal dress code for events. All hats worn on the premises must be worn facing forward. This includes ball caps and visors.


       Proper Golfing attire and approved golf shoes will be determined by the Golf Professional or his staff. All players are to wear soft spike golf shoes or rubber-soled (non-cleated) golf shoes at all times on the course. No denim of any kind on the golf course. Men’s shirts must have a collar or mock collar and shirts must be tucked in. Shorts must not be shorter than mid thigh length and hemmed. Cargo shorts must be approved by the golf shop prior to play. Ladies’ shorts must be mid-thigh length. Ladies should wear collared shirts or non-collared shirts with sleeves. Please contact the Golf Pro Shop at 418-7466 if you have any questions.


       Proper tennis attire and approved tennis footwear must be worn at all times while playing. Cross-trainers and running shoes are not allowed. Cut-off shorts or shirts are not allowed. Proper sleeveless men’s tops (Nike/Fila) are permitted. Please contact the Tennis Pro Shop at 418-7444 if you have any questions.


      •Pinnacle Room - Proper dress attire is required.  Men should wear a dress shirt and slacks, with jacket and/or tie optional. Ladies should be dressed appropriately.
      •Terrace - Country Club Casual attire is accepted. All gentlemen’s shirts must be collared or mock-collared, shorts must reach mid-thigh, and denim must be free of holes or fraying. Denim shorts or cut-offs are not allowed.
      •Pub/Patio/Mixed Grill/Card Rooms - All golf and tennis attire are welcome in these areas of the clubhouse. Please refer to the dress codes stated in the golf and tennis sections to find out what is acceptable. Swimwear including rubber flip flops is not allowed.
      Please contact the Clubhouse at 273-0500 if you have any questions.


       Appropriate swimwear is required. No denim shorts, cut-offs or thongs are allowed. Babies & Toddlers are required to wear swim pants; diapers are not acceptable. Swimsuits are only allowed at the pool area. Please contact the Swimming Pool at 418-7456 if you have any questions. 

  • Golf

    • What are the guest fees for Pinnacle Golf?

      The guest fees for Golf when accompanied by a member are $93 plus tax during the week and $128 plus tax on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) including cart fees.  The Guest Fee for unaccompanied guests is $193 plus tax Tuesday - Sunday.  Family guest fees are $50 plus cart fees and tax for Golf Members. Dining/Social and Tennis Members are allowed to play 3 times per calendar year by paying the guest fee. Please note that Golf Members are only allowed to bring each guest up to 6 times per calendar year. Guest restrictions apply.

      How much is the cart fee?

      The cart fee is $18 per person for 18 holes or $10 for 9 holes. You may purchase an unlimited cart for March-November for $850 for an individual or $1000 for family.

      How much is it for a locker and what is included?

      The locker fee is $12.50 per month and includes a personal locker and complimentary shoe shining.

      How much is a trail fee?

      If you own your own golf cart, the trail fee is $900 for a full year. Only electric carts are allowed.


      Pinnacle requires a written 30-Day Notice to cancel any membership.  There is no cancellation fee.  Contact the Membership Department 479.418.7415

  • Tennis

    • How do I make a court reservation?

      Call the Tennis Shop up to 72 hours in advance at 479-418-7444. The shop staff can
      book the court for you for ½ hour up to 1 ½ hours of court time. Please give the names of all players playing when making the reservation. 

      Court reservations can also be made on our Online Reservation System.  Click here for instructions


      How do I book a lesson?

      Please call the Pinnacle Tennis Shop and one of the Pros will return your call within 72 hours to try to arrange a time for a lesson.


      What types of shoes are appropriate on the clay tennis courts?

      Approved tennis footwear is required on the clay tennis courts. Absolutely NO cross-trainers or running shoes are allowed. For questions on what footwear is acceptable, please contact the Tennis Pro Shop at 479-418-7444.

      What are the guest fees for Pinnacle Tennis?

      The guest fee for Tennis is $20 (not including tax). Dining/Social Members are allowed to play up to 6 times per calendar year (per family) with a guest fee. In order to preserve the value of your membership, please note that Tennis and Golf Members are allowed to bring outside guests up to 6 times per calendar year.


      Pinnacle requires a written 30-Day Notice to cancel any membership.  There is no cancellation fee.  Contact the Membership Department - 479.418.7415.


  • Dining
    • Is there a service charge for dining at Pinnacle Country Club?

      Yes, the service charge is 15% on all regular sales and feature Club events. Individual events booked for personal use will have a service charge of 21%. In the case of exceptional service, there is the option to add on extra gratuity.

      There is a non-member service charge of 25%.

      What is the charge for Valet service?

      Complimentary valet is available during Sunday Brunch. 


      Pinnacle requires a written 30-Day Notice to cancel any membership.  There is no cancellation fee.  Contact the Membership Department - 479.418.7415.


  • Pool
    • Are there lifeguards on duty?

      There are certified lifeguards on duty during busy times of the summer.  There are also times when "swim at your own risk" rules apply.

      What are the guest fees for the pool?

      The guest fee is $5 per person. 

      Is my baby allowed to wear a diaper in the pool?

      No, all babies & toddlers are required to wear swim pants.

      Can I wear my swimsuit to the Clubhouse to dine?

      No, Swimwear including rubber flip flops are not allowed at the Clubhouse.
  • Accounting

    • When are payments due?

      Payments are due upon receipt of your statement. Late fees are charged if your payment arrives after the last day of the month.

      What are my payment options?

      • Cash - Cash & Checks can be placed in the Member Payment Box located by the Concierge Desk inside the Clubhouse.
      • Check (payable to Pinnacle Country Club) If you use Bill Pay please schedule the payment to arrive no later than the 22nd.  The mail is slowing down.  Also, check to see that your member number is correct.               
      • Automatic Bank Draft. There is no charge for this service. Bank drafts are processed between the 10th and 12th of the following month.
      • Automatic Credit Card payments. There is a $15 charge per month for this service.
      • CLICK HERE to download and fill out the Auto-Payment form


      What happens if I have a late payment?

      If your account is over 30 days past due you will receive a late fee of 1.5%. Should your account become 60 days past due, it will be temporarily suspended until it is brought current.

      What dues are being billed on my statement?

      Dues and security are all pre-billed.  The statement you receive at the end of the month is billing you for the next month dues and security, if applicable.

      Please explain the food and beverage minimum?

      Each active Member of Pinnacle Country Club, with the exception of Out of Radius Members, is required to spend $150 in food and beverage each quarter - this includes snacks, alcohol, food and special dining events. If your quarter ends September 30th and you have spent $130 in food, you will be billed $130 plus tax for your usage and $20 plus tax for the remaining unused minimum. 

      Your three month quarter cycle depends on when you joined the Club. Please feel free to contact our office to find out how your quarter runs 479.418.7477.

      What else do I need to know about my monthly statement?

      • Always read the notes in the body of your monthly statement for news and helpful information.
      • For your convenience, we have a Member Payment box located by the Concierge desk. Checks received will be credited to your account the same day.
      • It takes an extra day to update your statement on the website. Details of your charges can be found by clicking on the statement line item.
      • If you set up “bill pay” through your bank, allow a few days for it to be delivered in the mail. A check scheduled to be mailed the last day of the month will be late!

      Can I charge services from Spa Botanica onto my Pinnacle Account?

      If you are an Active Member with an account that is Current, you may charge services at  Spa Botanica onto your Pinnacle Membership and receive a a10% Discount. 
  • Security

    • What type of security services are provided for residents?

      • 24 hour patrols
      • Radio dispatch
      • First responder to alarms and medical emergencies
      • Officers are CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
      • Vacation house watch
      • Mail and newspaper pick up
      • Resident alerting system for visitors and guests
      • Controlled gate access
      • Screening system for unwanted callers
      • Resident key log and inventory


      Is security available 24/7?

      Yes. The twenty-four hour monitoring of all persons and vehicles entering the development gives its residents and members a sense of well being. The security department also offers many added extras for the homeowners.

      What certifications does security have?

      All Pinnacle Country Club Security Officers are:
      • Certified and licensed by the State of Arkansas
      • Have completed State and Federal background checks
      • Certified in CPR, AED and First Aid
      • Most Security Officers are former Law Enforcement and security personnel
      The Pinnacle residents, members and guests are able to enjoy a safe environment 24/7.

      How can I reach a member of security?

      Security can be reached 24 hours a day at the Security office located at the front entrance – 479-418-7400 or 479-644-7821 (emergency).