Pinnacle Country Club Contact Information

For comments or questions about Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers, Arkansas, please call our Concierge at
479-273-0500 or contact one of our departments or team members below.

For Delivery or To-Go Orders, please call 479.418.7430


Direct Line: 479-273-0500


Direct Line: 479-418-7400

Golf Shop

Direct Line: 479-418-7466 

Tennis Shop

Direct Line: 479-418-7444 

The Grill

Direct Line: 479-418-7430

Membership Department

Direct Line: 479-418-7415
Cell Phone: 479-586-1400 

Bart Law

Operations Manager
Direct Line: 479-418-7446
Cell Phone: 479-586-9353

DJ Ransom

Head Golf Professional
Direct Line: 479-418-7465

Dean Abell

Food & Beverage Director
Direct Line: 479-418-7410

Brandon Osuch

Executive Chef
Direct Line: 479-418-7425

Shey Judd

Event Sales Director
Direct Line: 479-418-7413

Gary Harp

Director of Security
Direct Line: 479-418-7401
Cell Phone: 479-464-2550

J.D. Hall

Director of Tennis
Direct Line: 479-418-7445
Cell Phone:  479-586-3298

Debra Carson

Direct Line: 479-418-7474

Chase Turpin

Golf Course Superintendent
Direct Line: 479-418-7450

Nick Venter

Head of Maintenance
Direct Line: 479-418-7405

Maria Anderson

Accounts Payable & Human Resources
Direct Line: 479-418-7464

Teri Hennessy

Accounts Receivable/Member Accounts
Direct Line: 479-418-7477

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