Dress Code


 Dress code policies apply to all adults, children and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and guests. Members should always inform their guests of dress code requirements before inviting them to the club. Dress codes cover all events at the club unless otherwise specified. Members will be informed of any deviation from the normal dress code for events. All hats worn on the premises must be worn facing forward. This includes ball caps and visors.


• Pinnacle Room - Proper dress attire is required.  Men should wear a dress shirt and slacks, with jacket and/or tie optional. Ladies should be dressed appropriately.

• Terrace - Country Club Casual attire is accepted. All gentlemen’s shirts must be collared or mock-collared, shorts must reach mid-thigh, and denim must be free of holes or fraying. Denim shorts or cut-offs are not allowed.

• Pub/Patio/Mixed Grill/Card Rooms - All golf and tennis attire are welcome in these areas of the clubhouse. Please refer to the dress codes stated in the golf and tennis sections to find out what is acceptable. Swimwear including rubber flip flops is not allowed.
Please contact the Clubhouse at 273-0500 if you have any questions.


 Proper Golfing attire and approved golf shoes will be determined by the Golf Professional or his staff. All players are to wear soft spike golf shoes or rubber-soled (non-cleated) golf shoes at all times on the course. No denim of any kind on the golf course. Men’s shirts must have a collar or mock collar and shirts must be tucked in. Shorts must not be shorter than mid thigh length and hemmed. Cargo shorts must be approved by the golf shop prior to play. Ladies’ shorts must be mid-thigh length. Ladies should wear collared shirts or non-collared shirts with sleeves. Please contact the Golf Pro Shop at 418-7466 if you have any questions.


Tennis shorts, warm-up suits, tennis dresses, regular hemmed shorts and blouses/ shirts are required.
Lycra or full body suits are permissible under traditional tennis attire, such as skirts or shorts and blouses.
Tank tops are acceptable for female players. Sports Bras & Mid Drifts are only allowed with a shirt or jacket over them.
Jeans are not allowed Proper tennis shoes are required. Black soles are not permitted.
Cleated, knobbed or ribbed shoes of any type are not allowed on the courts.


 Appropriate swimwear is required. No denim shorts, cut-offs or thongs are allowed. Babies & Toddlers are required to wear swim pants; diapers are not acceptable. Swimsuits are only allowed at the pool area. Please contact the Swimming Pool at 418-7456 if you have any questions.