Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis

Pinnacle's outstanding junior tennis program caters to children of all ages and ability. The staff is committed to making your child's experience a positive one.  The Pinnacle promise is that each child will receive professional quality instruction.


Pinnacle Country Club's junior tennis program is diverse and flexible.  Year round, age appropriate, orange dot and green dot ball classes are offered.  Classes for beginners to elite junior tournament players are available.  All ten and unders will have the ability to play on a 60 foot court with the orange and red balls.  Beginner and advanced programs for children over the age of ten are available as well.

Junior Traveling Team

All kids who are currently playing tournaments or interested in beginning tournament play are welcome to participate on the Junior Traveling Team!  Each January the information for the upcoming season will be made available to all interested participants.  Contact the Tennis Shop for more information.


Throughout the season Pinnacle enjoys getting the children together for an evening of fun and games on the court. This is a great time for the children to hang out with their friends and let mom and dad have a night out. Please call the tennis shop at 479-418-7444 to sign your child up for the junior nights.


Pinnacle Country Club offers two wonderful junior tennis camps during the summer. Both are two day camps that run from 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Children ages 7 and up of all levels are welcome to attend. Groups will be divided by age and ability.


Pinnacle Country Club offers three tournaments during the year where junior players participate. These events are a great way for the children to practice and apply their skills and compete against other children their age.

Junior Team Tennis

This program is for younger beginner players to advanced players. The benefit of this program is that it is local, there is a set schedule for match times, and children get experience playing matches against players of like ability. It also gives the children who are not as competitive or not quite ready for tournament play a chance to compete and learn how to play the actual game of tennis. This season begins in April and ends in June.

Private lessons

One of the best ways to help your child develop the skills necessary to take his/her game to the next level is to sign up for private lessons. This one-on-one time is a great way for the pros to work on things they see your child is having difficulty with in matches or in group classes. Please contact any one of our pros at 479-418-7444 to arrange for lessons. Pinnacle also has the only working Master professional in Arkansas.