Bi-Annual Newsletter

4200 Champions Blvd.
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
August 31, 2018

Greetings to all our new and existing property owners.  As part of our commitment to improve communication to our residents the following letter is an update on a variety of topics including:

•Project Updates
•Covenant Reminders
•Security Update


Your board has been meeting regularly and has accomplished several critical infrastructure upgrades with more to come in 2018 and 2019.  Some of those Projects are:
• Street light refurbishment
– All bulbs have been replaced with high efficiency LED bulbs.  These bulbs have a five-year guarantee and are much brighter than the regular bulbs.  Additionally, old globes have been replaced.  We have plans to add more lights to the neighborhood over the coming year. 

• Street signs
– All street signs have been replaced with a consistent design throughout the Pinnacle neighborhood.  Also, we have replaced speed limit and stop signs and have several more on order to keep our neighborhood safe and looking good. 

• Basketball Court
– Two new goals and safety netting have been installed at the basketball court by the pool.  There are proposed plans to add some seating and timed lighting to make this amenity safe and pleasurable for children and adults. 

• Trees
– New trees have been planted on the exterior of the neighborhood walls for beautification and privacy.  Additional planting is scheduled for next spring. 

• Curb and road repair
– Several phases of curb and road repair have been completed with a few more small projects scheduled for the remainder of the year.  Also, we have signed a new road maintenance agreement that will ensure our roads remain of high quality without a massive one-time liability in the future.  This will also allow us the flexibility to use existing reserves for other projects. 

• Security
– We are in the final testing stages of the RFID security upgrades.  Some residents have received their tags and are benefiting from the new technology and we welcome ALL residents to submit the required forms to the main gate and receive tags at their convenience.  • Holiday decorations – New lights and décor will be used at both the Main and North Gate  entrance in 2018. 

• Future projects include:
     o Additional fencing and wall repair for security and beautification of our Neighborhood. 
     o New roof for North Gate Guard Shack. 
     o Additional security improvements including cameras and archiving of recordings. 

Covenant Reminders And Good Neighbor Behavior

• Lot maintenance
– Please remember that all vacant lots require proper maintenance and yard care including regular mowing and curb trimming. 

• Yard care
– All yards are to be properly maintained including lawn care and weed control as well as keeping the property free of nuisance items including but not limited to extended parking of trailers, storage pods, construction materials, etc. 

• Vandalism
– Both Security and Golf Course personnel are reporting increased incidents of Neighborhood and golf course vandalism.  Please keep a watchful eye of any unusual activity and report this to Security immediately (479.418.7400).  

• Basketball Court
– We will be posting additional signs, but please remember basketball court hours are from 7AM to 11PM.  If you see after-hours activity please report to Security (479.418.7400) and they will address accordingly. 

Security Update
As previously mentioned, we are in the process of fully rolling out the new RFID security technology.  If you have not yet applied for the new RFID tags you may do so at the main security gate.  Keep in mind that data entry is necessary after your form is turned in, so the security team will contact you when the tags are ready.  These tags are available to residents only and club members will be added in the future.  Pinnacle triangle stickers are still available if you wish not to use the RFID tags.  Keep in mind that you will have to enter the manned security gates if you don’t use a RFID tag. 

Lastly, there will be new Security hours for the North Gate and Razorback Gate effective Monday, September 10, 2018.  Both gates will open at 5:45AM each day and close at 11PM Monday through Thursday and 12AM Friday through Sunday.  The North Gate will only be manned from 6:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Saturday.  The North Gate is RFID or Intercom Use ONLY on Sunday. If you don’t have a RFID tag you will need to use the call in box to be allowed through the gate during unmanned hours.  We hope you enjoy the convenience of the new later weekday and weekend hours.   

Thank you for reading and supporting your POA Board.  We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us through the website email or by phone.

 Warm Regards,

Kristen Boozman (479-685-6660) & Ray Canode (479-651-4336)