Architectural Control Committee

The Pinnacle Architectural Control Committee was constituted in each of the subdivision covenants of the Pinnacle Country Club. The responsibilities and duties of the committee and authority to set policies are stated in said covenants. The central purpose of the committee is to protect the aesthetic qualities of home construction while giving individual home owners the ability to build their homes with the owner’s individual tastes and desires. In order to achieve this goal, the following building process shall be followed for new home construction (exterior) or home remodel (exterior).
Pinnacle Architectural Control Committee Submittal Guidelines
The Pinnacle Architectural Control Committee (A.C.C.) requires that certain criteria must be met for any and all proposed homes to be built in the subdivision. Before construction begins on your lot, the following information is required to be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee no later than (1) week prior to an A.C.C. meeting. The Pinnacle A.C.C. meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. If the situation warrants, an emergency meeting can be held if approved by 2/3 of the committee.

1.An electronic set of house plans in .PDF format which are to include: 

  • A plot plan drawn to scale. The plot plan will have to meet all setback requirements as stated in the subdivision protective covenants and final plat.
  • A page with the following information:
    • Lot number
    • Lot Address
    • Owner’s name, email address, physical address and telephone number
    • Total heated square footage
    • Builder’s name, address and telephone number
    • Designer/Architect’s company and address
    • Front Elevation
    • Rear Elevation
    • Two Side Views
    • Specify roof slopes, roof materials, and roof color
    • Specify exterior materials and colors
Before the completion of your home you must submit landscaping and mailbox plans, including mailbox color, style and location.
For fence and pool plans please provide the location of the pool and fence on a plot plan drawn to scale. The fence materials and height will be needed for approval. Pool and patio/decking materials are needed for approval. The A.C.C. will not approve a pool without a fence that complies with the City of Rogers required spindle spacing or a solid fence less than 4 feet in height.

Kristen Boozman - Email Kristen

  • 479-685-6660

John Cooper - Email John

  • 479-246-6500 WK
  • 479-366-4842 Cell

Terri Allen - Email Terri

  • 479-633-5151

2.Within five business days following plan review, the Pinnacle A.C.C. will file a set of plans electronically and the owner will be notified by phone of the plans review and the status of that review (approved, approved with conditions, resubmit or rejected).


3. The Pinnacle A.C.C. will then send two documents to the owner:

  • An approval letter for the home which must be signed by the owner and sent back to the A.C.C. for its records.
  • A contractor’s registration form which must be filled out and signed by the owner’s contractor and sent back to the A.C.C. for its records.

4.Post a $1,000.00 clean up fee per lot prior to approval. 

The fee is refundable only after construction is complete. The Pinnacle A.C.C. reserves the right to use all or a portion of this fee to pay for the clean-up of the site.

5.After the Pinnacle A.C.C. receives the signed approval letter, the completed contractor’s registration form and the $1,000.00 clean up fee the A.C.C. considers the home approved and construction is allowed.

Construction for a home is never approved without these three items being returned and filled out correctly. The home will be subject to building delays until full approval is granted.
Roof Covenant
*** Procedures listed above are subject to change without notice.