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We're excited to announce that our new Neighborhood Gate Access System is now active and ready to use.  With this system, you'll be able to register and send gate access passes to Guests,  Home Vendors and Lawn Care Workers. 

This will allow you to control your guest list from any online computer in real time. In addition to your ability to manage your account from a computer, you can use your Smartphone to enter guest’s information. For IPhones/IPads, visit the App Store and search for “gateaccess”. For Android devices, visit the Google Play Store and search for “gateaccess” . 

Gate Access Credentials have been emailed to the main email account on file.

  Once logged on, please review and verify all the information.  Your guest list, emergency contact and pet information can be updated at your leisure. With the new program you can opt to have the “guest arrival” notifications sent to your smart phone via text/email (under contact info tab).  


On March 1st, the Security Team will start scanning & verifying guests at the Gate.  By logging in all of your guests; this will eliminate the need to call the resident for guest verification and will expedite your guest through the guardhouse while relieving the flow of traffic. Every guest is verified on your list for each entry. In addition, if you have guests visiting for an extended period of time. A guest pass can be provided to them for gate access during their extended stay with you.  If you have signed up for notifications, you will automatically receive a text or email of your guest entering the community.

Residents:  If you would like in-person assistance with the app, please join us at the POA Meeting at the Clubhouse on Saturday, March 4th at 9:00am.

Beginning, April 3rd, Security will not allow anyone on property without an RFID, QR Code or Phone Call from a Resident.

  If you have any questions concerning the new Gate Access System, please do not hesitate to contact Security (479.418.7400).


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